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Adkins Construction (CA) Payment and Project History

Review the 2 Adkins Construction (CA) projects and payment history over the years. On this page, find any reports of slow payment from vendors, typical contract terms such as retainage, days to payment, payment terms, and overall performance. Know more about who you work with, how they pay, and avoid any potential issues on the job.

Adkins Construction (CA)'s Project and Payment History
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There are no reported instances of slow payment in the last 12 months for Adkins Construction (CA). You can continue to browse their payment performance and typical contract terms.

Waiting for payment from Adkins Construction (CA)

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Payment History Summary

Recent Payment Performance

No projects in the last 12 months had any reported payment issues by other contractors.

Payment Performance Over the Years

According to available information, 100% of projects in 2020 had no reported payment incidents.

2020 - 100%

Typical Contract Terms


Typical retainage not yet submitted for Adkins Construction (CA).

Payment Terms

Typical contract pay terms not yet reported for Adkins Construction (CA).

Days to Payment

Typical days to payment not yet collected for Adkins Construction (CA).