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Are claims against a subcontractor’s payment bond governed by the bond terms themselves, or by some provision of the Hawaii Public Works Statute for a public project in Hawaii?

The prime contractor had a subcontractor post a payment bond on a public Hawaii Department of Transportation project. The Hawaii Public Works statute speaks only...

Can an unlicensed contractor file a mechanic’s lien on my property in Hawaii?

Hi, I have an unlicensed contractor in Oahu, Hawaii saying he filed a mechanic’s lien on my property yesterday. Long story short, this contractor was...

What are my options.

I had an verbal agreement with the owner of a industrial property. He agreed to have me repair the cracks at $10/linear foot. I sent...

what are teh remedies for a contractor who does negligent work resulting in a +$1m loss

contractor did faulty work resulting in a +$1M loss what are the legal remedies

Can a lien be filed against the State of Hawaii

This is just a general question related to liens against the State of Hawaii

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