I’ve read a lot of mechanic lien resources in my day, and most of the time, these online resources try to explain everything about the lien laws to the reader.  Heck, this is the case even with our resources.  But, you really don’t need to know everything. If you’re a material supplier, you only need to know the information relevant to suppliers.  If you’re usually a prime contractor, you only need to know how the law applies to primes. And so on.

Material Supplier Resources for All 50 States

I’ve collated a lot of our lien law resources to create a state-by-state breakdown of what a material supplier needs to know about preliminary notices, mechanics liens and bond claims on state, county, federal and private projects in the United States.

Lien notice deadlines for material suppliers - cover image preview

Download the Guide

Find every state’s notice requirements and lien deadlines for material suppliers.

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