Effective on the first of this year (Jan 1 2010), reports are abound that the Illinois Mechanics Lien Act contains an amendment that changes the notice requirements for contractors on owner-occupied single family residences.

Section 7 of the Illinois Mechanics Lien Act has been amended to include the following language:

(d) A contractor for improvements of an owner-occupied single-family residence must give the owner written notice within 10 days after recording a lien against any property of the owner.   The notice is served when it is sent or personally delivered.  If timely notice is not given and, as a result, the owner has suffered damages before notice is given, the lien is extinguished to the extent of the damages.  The mere recording of the lien claim is not considered damages.  This subsection does not apply to subcontractors, and it applies only to contracts entered into after the effective date of this amendment [January 1, 2010].

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Read the full text of the Public Act on the Illinois General Assembly website.

So, starting January 1, 2010, all original contractors on owner-occupied single family residences must give this notice to the owner post-filing a lien.

If you order your lien through zlien , sit back and relax, because we always send notice to the owner, certified mail.

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