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At Consolidated Electrical Distributors (CED) in the Grand Canyon region, the credit and accounts receivable team has one main goal — to provide incredible customer service. On an average day, they send customer invoices, locate the necessary lien waivers, manage cash applications, and create job accounts. All of this can be summarized as “customer service as far as getting our customers what they need to make payments on time,” according to the Division Credit Manager, Kyle Yanke.

The most difficult part of this process was finding accurate job site information in order to set up job accounts. Kyle had used Levelset to manage lien rights paperwork and verify job information at a previous company with great results, and he knew it would be extremely helpful for his team in Arizona as well. 

At first, Kyle’s team wasn’t eager to start using a new system, but after demonstrating the value, they were happy to make the switch.  

For Kyle, outsourcing the process for verifying job information is absolutely essential because CED has a large volume of jobs, and they want to ensure their lien rights are always protected in case they ever face payment problems. That’s why Kyle trusts the Scout research team at Levelset.

Levelset’s Scout Research finds and verifies missing information such as the property owner, general contractor, and lender. A team of expert researchers will do whatever it takes to find accurate job info using a comprehensive database of construction jobs and customized technology. Plus, everything is housed in one system which connects to their notices and other payment paperwork.

It’s really a no brainer! But if you’re looking for specifics, here are three reasons why CED chooses to outsource job verification with Levelset. 

1. Less friction with customers

The notice service provider Kyle used before Levelset was helpful for sending preliminary notices and lien waivers, but Kyle felt like the way the company verified job information worked against their goal of maintaining positive customer relationships.  

“The last company we used was a little nonchalant in who they were contacting for more information about jobs, and that rubbed people the wrong way. Sometimes the customer had already provided the information, so when the company would reach out again, it caused a lot of friction on more than a few occasions,” Kyle explained.

The Levelset Scout Research team has access to a large database of contractor and job information which means it is less likely that someone will need to reach out to the customer. And in the instances where the Scout researcher does need to reach out for more information, they do so in a professional manner.

“The process you guys use to verify information, the ease at which we can get information over to you, and the entire process is a lot smoother with Levelset than with our old company,” said Kyle. “Levelset does a good job of being able to verify the information without contacting the customer. In the rare cases when the Scout team does need to reach out to our customers, they do a great job. You can validate what we have without asking more questions or getting into the weeds with customers on information they’ve already given.”

 2. The research process seamlessly connects to the notice process

Finding job information and then creating a preliminary notice are two separate actions, but they are directly connected. Rather than treating these like two separate tasks, Kyle uses Levelset to bring those processes together.

“You’re sending the preliminary notices that establish our lien rights, and we’ve actually had you guys file a couple of liens as well. You’re doing the whole process so that it’s a one-stop shop. It makes my life easier as far as knowing where to find all the information we need and piece it all together,” said Kyle.

Before using Levelset, Kyle would have to send PDFs over to their notice service provider, and then wait for information to be entered manually. Now, as soon as the job account is created, the information is verified and Kyle can easily create a preliminary notice with a few clicks. 

3. Peace of mind and time savings 

Actions like verifying job information, creating notices, and mailing them takes a lot of time. 

“I would assume all of those things are probably a full time job, or at least a good chunk of someone’s day at some suppliers,” says Kyle. “We’ve decided to outsource those things, and Levelset is a great partner for it because they provide a level of detail and attention that’s probably more than what we could do on our own.”

Not only does Kyle feel like he and his team save time with Levelset, but he also feels more confident that their lien rights are protected and that they’re doing everything they can to collect payment.

“The value add for the peace of mind knowing that everything’s verified and everything is done the correct way and up to legal standards makes Levelset a no-brainer, especially for a company my size and the volume of work we do,” Kyle says.

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Suppliers like CED, or any construction company wanting to protect their lien rights, can greatly benefit from using a lien rights management software that also provides job verification. 

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