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Do You Work In One of the Top 10 Cities for Contractors?

From Thumbtack

10 best cities for contractors

Thumbtack Journal, who writes about everything from the buggiest cities in America to filing your taxes, compiled a list of the 10 best cities for contractors. Thumbtack notes that contractors have more negative views of local government than most other professionals, given the high number of legal codes they must follow to get work done.

But let’s stay positive! Thumbtack polled 3,578 different contractors from around the country to see which cities were most beloved by their local contractors.

> Head to Thumbtack to see if your city is on the list


Encouraging Financial Accountability from the Top

From Deltek Axium

How to create a culture of financial accountability

Aligning goals among different teams is a challenge. The project manager has one job to do, the laborer another, and the finance executive or credit manager another. In theory, each person’s goals should support one another, and support the company’s goals. But in practice, one department’s progress might create obstacles for somebody else.

Deltek Axium, makers of accounting and project management software for architects and engineers (A&E), want you to know “How to Create a Culture of Project Financial Accountability” in your business. They’re hosting a webinar to help you make the numbers a priority throughout your business.

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The Silence of Your Lien Rights: A Lien Horror Story

The Silence of Your Lien Rights, Liens on Tribal Land

Read the third installment of Levelset‘s Mechanics Lien Horror Story series, presented by resident lien expert Madeline Fortino. This week’s story solves the a mystery set off by a message from a county recorder:

“This mechanics lien cannot be recorded in this county because the property in question is tribal.”

Read the full story here, and get excited about the fourth and final post, coming out next week, just in time for HallowLien!