Illustration on Filing Mechanics Lien in Texas


Houses, hospitals, and fire stations, oh my! This month’s breakdown of the 5 biggest liens in Tarrant County includes two million-dollar mechanics lien and some six-figure filings in Tarrant County, TX. The properties on the list include two fire stations, an industrial warehouse, a hospital, a Hilton hotel, and even a single-family home.

Imagine if you’re a construction management company and you’ve just invested nearly $2 million into a project that ended two months ago – and you’re still waiting for payment. You’ve already paid out your workforce, hired additional contractors, and you still are missing the check that money was supposed to come out of. While that might sound like a bad dream, it has become a living nightmare for the construction businesses on this list. 

There’s really no way to take back the time, work you’ve done, and the materials you’ve invested into the project. So, what should you do when you aren’t getting paid for your construction work? If talking it out with the GC or property owner isn’t getting you anywhere, for most people, filing a mechanic’s lien is the best decision

Keller: $1.7m lien on Fire Houses #2 and #3 

Lien Amount: $1.7 million
Claimant: Mezquite Installations Inc.
Hiring Party: Cooper General Contractors
Property Address of Lien: 737 Keller Smithfield Road & 1500 Rufe Snow Drive, Keller, TX
Property Owner: City of Keller

Our top lien comes in hot at  $1,702,876, covering two job sites, each home to a Keller firehouse. Mezquite Installation Inc. filed the $1.7M lien against Cooper General Contractors in an effort to get paid for the services they provided the fire stations. 

Mezquite Installation Inc. is a flooring installer located in Dallas. The company installs vinyl planks, VCT, tile, stone, rubber, quartz, marble, granite, concrete, carpet, and brick. According to the lien forms, Mezquite Installations completed flooring construction at Keller Fire House #2 (737 Keller Smithfield Rd) and at Keller Fire House #3 (1500 Rufe Snow Dr). Even working on town properties doesn’t necessarily protect you from getting burned on payment. 

Fort Worth: $1.4 million lien on 500 NE Loop 820

Lien Amount: $1.4 million
Claimant: Potter Concrete Management, LLC
Hiring Party: Lee Lewis Construction
Property Address of Lien: 500 NE Loop 820, Fort Worth, TX
Property Owner: Andrews Distributing Company Of North Texas LLC

The second largest lien file in Tarrant County comes from Potter Concrete Management, LLC with a massive $1,425,400.66 lien filed against Lee Lewis Construction. The property, an industrial warehouse space on 33,000 acres, is owned by Andrews Distributing Company Of North Texas LLC. 

Potter Concrete is a concrete contractor based out of Irving, and the company provided turnkey concrete services for Lee Lewis Construction. The time in which Potter Concrete was a part of this construction project at Andrews Distributing Company goes back to June of 2017 and up until February of 2019. 

Fort Worth: $443k lien filed on 811 & 815 Commerce Street

Lien Amount: $443k
Claimant: Merriman Anderson/Architects Inc.
Hiring Party: Hotel Texas Annex LLC
Property Address of Lien: 811 & 815 Commerce Street, Fort Worth, TX
Property Owner: Hotel Texas Annex LLC

The third largest lien on our list was made in Fort Worth by Merriman Anderson/Architects Inc. They filed a mechanics lien of $443,226.97 against Hotel Texas Annex LLC. The property address is 811 & 815 Commerce Street, and it is owned by Hotel Texas Annex LLC. 

This property is a Hilton hotel known as Hilton Annex. This 13-story property built by Hotel Texas Annex LLC is slated to include 140 apartments with five floors of parking for the Hilton Fort Worth. The Annex also includes 6,000 square feet of ground-floor retail. Merriman Anderson/Architects Inc. is based in Dallas, TX and provides many services including facility move coordination, master planning, and architectural designing. 

Arlington: $328k lien filed on 1315 Viridian Park Lane 

Lien Amount: $328,747.05
Claimant: King Fabrication LLC
Hiring Party: Ragle Construction Inc.
Property Address of Lien: 1315 Viridian Park Lane, Arlington, TX
Property Owner: Viridian Holdings LP

The fourth largest lien for June 2019 was filed by King Fabrication LLC for the amount of $328,747.05 against Ragle Construction Inc. The property at 1315 Viridian Park Lane is a 5,000 square foot single family home, originally built in 2017 and owned by Viridian Holdings LP. 

King Fabrication LLC is based out of Houston, and produces heavy specialty steel fabricated products for a range of applications in the US and globally. The company has been around for almost 20 years; proof that no matter how long you’ve been in business, you’re never immune to payment problems. 

According to the lien filings, King Fabrication provided horizontal bracing, blade structures with rolled beams, skin plates, embed plates and coating necessary for the remodeling and construction of Viridian Park. The project also consists of paving, drainage, lighting, and garden improvements at the jobsite. 

Arlington: $218k lien filed on 3301 Matlock Rd.

Lien Amount: $218k
Claimant: TDIndustries Inc.
Hiring Party: DPR Construction
Property Address of Lien: 3301 Matlock Road, Arlington, TX
Property Owner: Columbia Medical Center For Arlington Subsidy LP

The fifth and final lien comes in at $218,255.65, filed by TDIndustries, Inc. against DPR Construction. Columbia Medical Center For Arlington Subsidy LP owns the property at 3301 Matlock Road, Arlington, TX. The address is home to Medical City Arlington, a 432-bed full-service hospital. The hospital has grown since 1976, when it was the rural Arlington Community Hospital. 

TDIndustries is a Dallas-based technology and construction corporation that handles commercial and industrial services. The company builds air conditioning, electrical, and plumbing systems, primarily through general contractors. At this hospital, TDIndustries primarily provided mechanical and plumbing materials. 

$4.1 million: Total liens in Tarrant County in June 2019 

These top 5 liens in Tarrant County in June 2019 total up to almost $4.1 million, accounting for more than 70% of all liens filed in the county during the month. Overall in Tarrant County, 64 different businesses filed 78 liens for a total of nearly $5.8 million worth of unpaid contractor bills. 

This shouldn’t necessarily be surprising. According to the 2019 National Construction Payments Report, lost earnings and delayed payments are par for the course in the construction industry, with 58% of contractors surveyed admitting they’ve had to file a lien in order to get paid. Slow payments affect a contractor’s cash flow, hurting their ability to take on new projects – and even pay their employees. 

Of course, these liens in Tarrant County were filed – we don’t know yet whether they will be enforced, or whether simply filing the lien will be enough to get them paid. There’s also a chance that some of the liens were rejected because a contractor was unlicensed or the lien was filed improperly. If you’re filing a lien, it’s important to get the details exactly right. Making even a simple mistake could get your lien rejected

Want to prevent liens from the start? Establish a prequalification process that helps ensure you’re choosing to work with contractors that pay on time and use fair payment practices. Visit our Contractor Payment Profiles to see the customer reviews and recent lien history of contractors in your area. If you’ve had a bad payment experience – or a good one! – with a contractor, you can rate them on their profile page to let others know what to expect.