zlien just revamped its mechanics lien resources for the state of Arizona, and is now fully servicing the state with mechanics lien filings, bond claim filings and the delivery of preliminary notices.

Like the state of California, Arizona has a legal document preparing licensing program (§ 7-208 of ACJA). zlien has been a licensed legal document assistant in California for more than 4 years (LDA-352), but was qualified through the Arizona statutes. We’re happy to report that we’re not performing services in Arizona based on §7-208(B), as zlien’s Arizona work is supervised by a licensed attorney in the state. Our founder, Scott Wolfe Jr., is a licensed attorney in Arizona, and is supervising the creation of all Arizona forms, lien law charts, filings, and law information in the state.

A few weeks ago, we published an article here on this blog titled “3 Things To Ask Your Mechanics Lien Company.” One of those things is to inquire about licensing, insurance and other regulatory precautions that the lien service is taking. Unfortunately, the lien services community is riddled with fly-by-night companies practicing law without a license and taking advantage of companies who need help with mechanics lien compliance.

Since it’s founding, zlien has focused on building a high-quality system and service to help contractors, suppliers and others in the industry understand the mechanics lien process and utilize it easily nationwide. The secret sauce to our service is our software, which we’ve spend hundreds of thousands of dollars and years developing. It’s this software that calculates what claimants need to file, and when, and then helps them generate the right form.  It’s a shame when other companies try to manage the thousands of mechanics lien law complexities nationwide with Microsoft Word templates and other simplistic compliance management efforts.  And then consider a company like RocketLawyer, who advertises that it will help you build a custom mechanics lien form…but actually doesn’t do that.

zlien is ready to help you manage your mechanics liens and lien compliance issues in the state of Arizona, and we’re doing it the right way.  To file an Arizona Mechanics Lien today, click here.

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