Imagine your ideal practice. If you are like most lawyers, this probably involves spending your days doing exciting and vital work while a steady stream of clients comes through the door. When imagining your ideal practice, spending time and money on marketing and chasing clients for payment most likely does not enter your mind.

Why not build your ideal practice?

While most lawyers assume that competing for clients and dealing with payment issues come with the territory, this is not the case. It is possible to build a successful practice without paying for marketing, and it is possible to get pre-vetted clients who present low risks for nonpayment. Welcome to our lawyer referral program called Legal Guard.

What Is Legal Guard?

Legal Guard is a lawyer referral program built specifically for the construction industry. We connect construction companies and suppliers with construction lawyers across the nation.

What Benefits Do Lawyers Get From Joining Legal Guard?

So, why should you join? Legal Guard is not just another lawyer referral service. When you join our network of construction lawyers, you can start enjoying these benefits:

  • Get a Referral Partner With a Specialized Focus on the Construction Industry—Unlike other lawyer referral services, we are 100% focused on the construction industry. As a company that helps construction companies and suppliers get paid, we know when, why, and how these companies look for legal representation—and we know there is a substantial need for qualified construction lawyers nationwide.
  • Establish Direct Contact with Prospective Clients—Unlike other lawyer referral services, we do not get in the middle of the lawyer-client relationship. When a company in your local area needs legal representation, we will provide them with your contact information (and vice versa), and allow you to make a connection directly.
  • Get Access to Pre-Vetted Construction Industry Clients—We pre-vet all clients before referring them to lawyers in our Legal Guard network. This means fewer concerns and less risk for you.
  • No Cost to You, Plus We Do the Marketing for YouIt does not cost you anything to join Legal Guard. Plus, we provide marketing-driven initiatives that can highlight your practice as well as increase your credibility as a thought leader in the construction industry.

How Do I Join Legal Guard?

If you are interested in joining Legal Guard to grow your book of construction business, we encourage you to get in touch. Tell us where you practice and how clients can reach you to get started today