Construction law marketing can take many forms. From paid ads, to hiring external marketing agencies, to attending conferences, construction lawyers use all kinds of strategies to connect with potential clients. Advertising costs can quickly rack up — and for many construction lawyers, a good bit of trial and error is required to figure out what really brings in new clients.

Levelset Legal Guard is the first legal plan specifically designed for the construction industry. It offers a new way to connect directly with construction clients — and there’s no cost and no long-term commitment for the lawyers.

With Legal Guard, instead of spending money on marketing, construction attorneys can spend a little time offering cursory services.

Traditional marketing for lawyers is expensive and can produce mixed results. Increased visibility through strategies like paid ads may bring in more phone calls, but how many of those leads are viable versus how many are a waste of time? 

As part of Legal Guard, we’ll build you an elite lawyer profile on the Attorney Network.

Marketing firms help build lawyers’ brand and SEO (search engine optimization, which determines what sites come up 

in internet search results). However, these companies usually charge hefty monthly or annual fees. Many firms “set and forget” this type of outsourced marketing, and it may not always be the most cost-effective strategy.

With Legal Guard, we handle the marketing for you at no cost. Legal Guard provider lawyers get an elite, sponsored profile in our Attorney Network, the largest directory of construction lawyers nationwide. We also regularly feature lawyers in published articles and webinars for construction audiences. We empower construction lawyers to build thought leadership, and to set themselves apart from their peers in the industry.

Thousands of contractors, subs, suppliers and other construction professionals visit Levelset’s website every week — and many of them come seeking help with legal issues. Legal Guard connects these folks with construction lawyers in their area.

With other marketing solutions, you spend money to bring leads in, and spend time wading through leads to find the good ones. Legal Guard cuts away the fat: Instead of spending money and time on finding leads, you get connected directly to vetted clients without spending a dime. Instead, you spend a little time and energy providing value and building relationships for future success.

Through offering cursory services — what amounts essentially to a free consultation on steroids — lawyers build a working relationship with the clients based on trust. When clients have legal issues beyond the scope of the plan or are facing litigation, they already know who to call for legal representation.

‘Free consultation on steroids’

One of the more common ways attorneys compete in the crowded legal market is offering free consultations. Though there was a time when almost all lawyers charged a fee for a consultation — and there are still plenty that do — many have seen the value in offering them at no cost.

The model for Legal Guard is similar from the attorney’s point of view. Provider lawyers offer some set services to the customer as part of the plan. 

These include: 

  • Free 30-minute phone consultations on new legal issues
  • Construction contract and mechanics lien reviews (limit one per issue)
  • Attorney letters (limit one per issue)
  • 10% discount or lowest firm rate for work outside of plan coverage

For many people, working with a lawyer can be daunting or stressful, especially for those who haven’t done it before. With our model, we prioritize building a relationship that sets both sides up for success. Our provider lawyers regularly report getting hired by Legal Guard subscribers for further work.  

Legal Guard is making legal help in the construction industry more accessible than ever. Customers know that they are getting connected with a lawyer in their area who knows construction law. For the lawyers, it’s a way to connect directly with vetted leads near them who need legal help now.