The US construction industry continues to grow, valued at one trillion dollars. Interestingly, while technological advances continue to speed up production time, payment in the construction market is slower than any other industry. Typically, construction workers are not paid until 83 days after a project is complete on average due to complex payment laws and unclear contracts.

At Levelset, we provide these workers with a lien rights management solution to protect and collect payments on every job. However, sometimes this isn’t enough, and our clients recognize that they are at a point where they need legal representation. This is why we created Legal Guard. With Legal Guard, our construction clients are paired with vetted lawyers in their area and get access to the legal services they need on time and on budget. Construction pros get a lawyer in their corner, and our Legal Guard lawyers grow their business when a subscriber needs legal services. It’s a win-win!

Take it from Mario Lamar, who gained six clients in less than six months after becoming a Legal Guard lawyer. He works for Allen Bryson, PLLC, a Texas-based law firm assisting clients in the construction and energy service industries, primarily assisting with collection and contract disputes. Mario was looking for opportunities to grow his client base when they opened another office in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and he stumbled upon Legal Guard. Within less than a month of joining the program, Mario was assigned to a subscriber who immediately needed services beyond the scope of what’s included in the Legal Guard plan. He reflects on the positive experience he’s had so far as his client base continues to grow. 

Seamless Connections with Potential Clients

After signing up with Legal Guard, Mario described the introduction process as seamless, stating that “after you get an email from Legal Guard connecting you with the subscriber in need of legal advice, you run your conflict check, talk to the client to coordinate your schedules, and then figure out the issue. It’s usually something you’ve done before. If they need additional legal help, you can take it from there and bill them going forward.”  

From Connection to Client

Mario recounts that, “more than 70% of my Legal Guard connections became clients.” He describes how having access to a network of contractors with payment issues or questions about getting paid was a huge perk for him when deciding to join Legal Guard. “I establish those relationships so when they need a lawyer, I’m the one they call,” he explained. He continued to add that, 

When most clients come to us from Legal Guard, they are in need of pretty quick attention from a lawyer. Usually, once we provide the in-network services, there is additional help they need.”

Return on Investment Was Beyond Expectations 

There is no cost for lawyers to join Legal Guard. After joining the program, lawyers are assigned to Legal Guard members and provide those members with legal advice that’s covered in the plan. Some examples are a contract review (up to 10 pages), a few scheduled phone calls to answer legal questions, and drafting an attorney letter as needed. Mario explained that, “the amount of time I spend on items that are included in the plan is usually about 75 percent of what my typical intake entails during the first consultation with new potential clients. Most lawyers don’t charge a consultation fee, so signing up with Legal Guard has been a tremendous return on investment.”

When asked if he would recommend Legal Guard to other attorneys, Mario responded by saying,

“I would tell other lawyers who are thinking about it to give it a chance and see what happens. You are not spending more time than you would typically spend on that client relationship, and you get the chance to help someone. For us, it’s been a huge source for referrals and has increased our client base.” 

If you want to be connected with qualified prospects that need legal help now without having to pay for leads, then Legal Guard might be for you.

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