As a lawyer, you want to spend your time serving clients, not trying to find them. Unfortunately, in today’s competitive legal industry, lawyers who do not spend a significant portion of their time (and budget) on marketing often find themselves struggling to grow—or even maintain—their practices.

Meanwhile, did you know that companies in the construction industry do not get the legal help they need?

Often, construction experts end up with lawyers who are better marketers, but not necessarily better advocates. In fact, not only do potential clients end up with a subpar legal representative, but in many cases they grow so frustrated with the legal relationship or hiring process that they eventually decide to handle their legal issues on their own.

At Levelset, we see this as an opportunity to bring value by creating a model that fosters better partnerships between construction pros and legal experts.

As a company that helps contractors and suppliers in the construction industry get what they earn, we witness clients trying to deal with legal issues daily. Our clients recognize that they need legal representation, but they struggle to find good lawyers. This is why we created Legal Guard. With Legal Guard, our construction clients are paired with vetted lawyers in their area, and they get access to the legal services they need on time and on budget. And while the construction pros get a lawyer in their corner, our Legal Guard lawyers grow their business when a subscriber needs legal services.

How does Legal Guard work?

At this point, you might be wondering how our Legal Guard program works. While we put in a lot of work on the back end, from the lawyer’s perspective it’s very simple. There is no cost for the lawyers joining the program. Once you join Legal Guard, we will begin connecting you with prospective construction clients in your local area. In addition to providing the services covered under Legal Guard, you have the opportunity to provide representation for legal issues beyond the scope of our plan—and as you know, the construction industry offers a lot of opportunity because many legal issues need representation. Plus, as a member of Legal Guard we provide marketing-driven initiatives that can highlight your practice as well as increase your credibility as a thought leader in the construction industry.

If you want to be connected with qualified prospects that need legal help now without having to pay for leads using expensive marketing tactics, then Legal Guard might be for you.

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